Week 3: Arduino, Hello World

September 11, 2019

In this class we will go over what a microcontroller is and specifically look at how to use the Arduino microcontroller. We will wire up an Arduino to a breadboarded circuit and learn how to write code for the Arduino to control the circuit. We will also be looking at some of these electrical components in more detail and learn how to read a components data sheet to better understand the voltage and current that it can handle.


  • Blinking an LED with the Arduino using digital write output code. Git ➔
  • Use a button to send digital inputs to the Arduino. Git ➔
  • Use a potentiometer variable resistor (knob) to send analog values to the Arduino to in turn change the brightness of an LED. Git ➔
  • Use another variable resistor (light sensor, pressure sensor, stretch sensor, etc.) as an alternative to the potentiometer. Git ➔

Lecture and Lab Slides

In Class Assignment/Homework

Review the labs that were covered in class this week, and come up with a simple yet creative application using digital or analog input and output. Post your experiments to your blog. Include videos and images.

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